Playniax is a small independent software company started by Tony Smits and Peter van Driel. Our main focus lies on the creation and development of our own projects, however we also provide services for third party. Such services include the development and completion of entire game projects, but can also be comprised of various specific assignments.

Tony and Peter created their first game in 1995 called Extrial. This was a small platform/shoot’em up game for the Commodore Amiga. Unfortunately Commodore went bankrupt during the development of Extrial and this made it hard to find a publisher. Eventually a publisher was found but the bankruptcy of Commodore and the collapse of the game market at the time caused Tony and Peter to lose interest in producing a new game for a while.

The computer industry changed a lot over the years that followed. It evolved rapidly and the release of certain software tools inspired Tony to pickup programming again. When Tony wrote a small Defender inspired prototype and showed it to Peter he just couldn’t resist creating some graphics for it. This resulted in the game Defenstar and a byproduct called Ignition, a 2D games framework for BlitzMax.

As a company name Playniax was chosen.

Mobile devices have gained enormous popularity during development of Defenstar and Ignition so Playniax decided to port Ignition to the Monkey cross-platform language enabling them to create apps for PC, Mac, iOS, ANDROID, Windows Phone, XBOX, HTML5 and FLASH.

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