Playniax 2.0

For those who care, I am back!

Not that I was really gone but I haven’t released anything in a while. Monkey 2 is dead and because of this Pyro 2 is dead. I still think it is a shame because I thought Pyro 2 was my best work so far but I had to move on.

For me now my tool of choice is Unity! Yes, I basically did a 180 and have learned to love it!

Before Unity I first tried AGK and really liked it. I even started working on a framework for it called Combustion but after disappointing performance results I’m sorry to say I shelved it.

Anyway, a few months ago I was approached by CIROCCO STUDIOS who hired me to work on a game idea they had called ‘Asteroid Invaders’. This game is almost done and will be released very soon. Before CIROCCO STUDIOS hired me I was working on our own game called ‘Dumbot’ still in Monkey 2 / Pyro 2 and after pitching this game to CIROCCO STUDIOS they bought it and even ordered more levels. To guarantee that the code won’t break I decided to rewrite the game in Unity and most of it is done so this game will be released also very soon.

Asteroid Invaders

All in all I have 3 games in the works, 2 templates and a framework for Unity that for now remains nameless. I might call it Pyro for Unity but haven’t decided anything yet. Most importantly, I have my coding MOJO back because the whole Monkey 2 situation was depressing.


So I or I should actually say ‘we’ as Playniax have been very busy and I hope to share more news soon!

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