Pyro 2 first release!


It’s here and it’s FREE!

What started as a port is a complete new engine. No doubt it will have some issues but I think Pyro 2 is pretty usable already. I haven’t tested it on mobile yet and I simply do not know how far Monkey 2 is with the mobile targtes but it seems to work great on Desktop and Emscripten. I did not get as far with the docs and manuals as I wanted but I decided to release it anyway so people can have an impression of what it can do. There are enough bananas, templates and demos to get you started. I am also holding back on some other stuff simply because I feel it’s not ready yet but this is all just a matter of time of course.

As I said in previous blog, Pyro 2 is free but we will try to make some money by selling add-ons, tools, templates and asset packs.

The CrashTest Art Pack 01 is our attempt to create a set of generic game assets that can be used for your game. It may be useful to you or become useful to you in the near future when more items are added. So jump in anytime you like. The price will be $9 USD but early birds will get it for 6 if you purchase it within the next 3 days. Free for people who bought Pyro 1.

Tiled Map Converter will be released within the next couple of days. You will need this tool to convert Tiled maps to a format that Pyro 2 understands. Price is also set to $9 USD. Free for people who bought Pyro 1.

I will keep you posted on ( new ) products through the forums and other media.

You can get Monkey 2 here

Now I have uploaded the Pyro 2 files to BRL for the Monkey 2 module manager but just in case it’s not online yet you can download Pyro 2 here. You can also find the Pyro 2 there that contains the bananas, templates and demos.

Finally a big thanks to Mark who never got ( visibly ) tired of my emails with questions. You can support Mark by becoming a Monkey 2 Patreon or other means.

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