Pyro 2 surprise…

Pyro 2 will be free to download and use!

Yes, we changed our minds and Pyro 2 will be free!

So with this change, what do I get? – Pyro 2 includes the framework, scenegraph, gui, docs and examples!

But how does Playniax make money of it now? – We will make money of it ( or try anyway ) by charging for additional tools, add-ons, asset packs, etc.

The first additional tool that we will release is the Tiled map converter. This tool can load Tiled maps and export to a format that Pyro 2 understands. So in order to use Tiled maps with Pyro 2 you will need to purchase the Tiled map converter.

We will also release the first version of what we named the CrashTestArt pack. This is our attempt to create a set of generic game assets that can be used to prototype your game. It may be useful to you or become useful to you in the near future when more items are added.

pyro_crashtest_art_example0CrashTestArt sample

So what about people who bought Pyro already? – People who bought / buy Pyro before the release of Pyro 2 will have acces to the tools, add-ons and CrashTestArt pack mentioned above without paying extra. This includes the upcoming scene editor as promised!

When will it be available? – Target release date is set for december first…

More news after the release…

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