Pyro 2

We have decided that Pyro for Monkey 2 will be called Pyro 2
This makes more sense now and it beats typing Pyro for Monkey 2 everytime. Pyro 2 will be our next generation game framework and a reincarnation of Pyro for Monkey X. Pyro 2 ( like Pyro ) will be fast, powerful, modular, lightweight, easy to understand and flexible!

For the release of v1.01 we will aim for the following features :

The Framework module ( free )

  • Screen manager and screens
  • INI file like data handler for help  with serialisation ( very fast )
  • Delta timer
  • Object pooling
  • Highscore manager
  • FreeType font support
  • Bitmap font support
  • Loader screen
  • Pixel perfect collision ( expensive )
  • Virtual resolutions
  • Content manager
  • Texture packer support
  • Simple pathfinding
  • XML loader
  • BASE64 encoding/decoding
  • Common code library

The scenegraph module

  • Camera system with layers, sprites, shapes
  • Object merging ( groups )
  • Tile engine with support for tiled
  • Object culling ( very fast )
  • Virtual controls : virtual joystick and joypad
  • Screen rotation, zoom and scrolling with mouse helpers
  • Parallax scrolling
  • Scene builder / loader
  • Helpers for splitscreens
  • Dynamic lights and shadow casting

The gui module ( alternative for mojox )

  • Fully skinnable
  • Image, Label, Button, Checkbox, Input box, Sliders, Progress bars, Scrollbox, Panel, Menu, Tabber.
  • Object merging ( groups )
  • Screen rotation, zoom and scrolling with mouse helpers
  • Dynamic lights and shadow casting

And of course Pyro 2 will come with a rich set of source code files, templates, documentation and examples!

Now the framework module will be free and available through the Monkey 2 module manager and our website! The scenegraph and gui module will be commercially available ( paid ).

I am currently working hard to get the framework module ready for release first. The scenegraph and gui modules will follow close behind it.

There is also a scene editor in the works. The scene editor will be optional ( sold separately ) but people who buy a Pyro licence ( for Monkey X ) now or bought it already will get it for free once it’s finished! This offer stands until Pyro 2 v1.01 is released!

I hope to release the framework module at the end of this month. For the scenegraph and gui module I am still unsure of some design decisions but probaly a release in november will be possible!!!

Once the above is out of the way I will start with support for the third party stuff like Box2D, TimeLineFX, Spine, etc.

A Pyro 2 preview is already available for Pyro licence holders.

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