Pyro and Monkey2

So I found out that developing a product for another product that is not even finished is more challenging than I thought. I am talking about Pyro for Monkey2 and Monkey2 of course. Although Monkey2 didn’t change that much over time I am still dealing with some uncertainties. An example of this is Mouse vs Touch input. Touch isn’t implemented yet in Monkey2 so I am not sure how to implement it in Pyro for Monkey2 ( especially multi touch ). The same goes for dynamic lights and shadow casting ( although Mark shone a light on that recently ). Also not all targets are in or not finished. Things like this make me want to ‘sit on Pyro for Monkey2’ for now ( don’t forget, there’s always Pyro for Monkey1. I am going to wait a while until Monkey2 is in a more mature state and some uncertainties are gone. However, Pyro for Monkey2 is pretty usable already especially for the desktop and HTML5 target and I will keep releasing a preview here and there to show off its capabilities.

We also had a look at our current business model and we have decided to make a few changes. Pyro for monkey2 basically has 3 modules. There is the low level ‘framework’ module, a scenegraph module and a gui module. Now I intend to make the framework module free. It contains helpers for graphics, math, base64, serialisation, screen managing, pixel collision, arrays, pathfinding, texture packer, xml and more. It will be made available through the Monkey2 module manager and our download page. I am thinking to add a donate button there but have not decided yet. The scenegraph and gui modules will stay commercial products for now meaning we will charge money for it. Over time we will add modules, tools, templates, assets and plugins. Some of them will be free, others not.

Now that Pyro for Monkey2 in a fairly usable state means that I can continue working on our game level or world editor. This serves multiple purposes. Because the editor needs a pretty advanced gui I can test and expand our gui according to the needs of the editor. Hopefully I will end up with a very nice gui for desktop apps this way. It also should expose where our scenegraph needs improvements and because I am working simultaneously on a platform game we can test how usable our editor really is. Now you probably know that I am talking about this editor already for a long time. You may even wonder if it ever gets finished. The truth is, because of the new direction of BRL we decided to shelve our ‘old’ editor ( written in Ignition X ) and do a complete rewrite for Monkey2 / Pyro for Monkey2. This of course sets us back a bit but it also means the final product will be so much better, or at least that is the general idea!

Pyro for Monkey2 demos : demo1, demo2, demo3, demo4 ( best to watch demos on desktop for now because Monkey2 does not support touch yet and there are known bugs )

Finally I would like to ask the community to support Mark. I think he is doing a great job with Monkey2 and his products have given me and others so much joy over the years!


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