Future plans

As many of you know Monkey2 is coming and we will start porting Pyro for Monkey X to Monkey2 as soon as we have a usable version of Mojo2 for Monkey2. It will not be a straight port because Monkey2 is a a bit different and we would like to take the opportunity to improve some things and take advantage of the new Monkey2 features. Now when we were working on Pyro/Mojo2 with Mark we didn’t know he had plans for Monkey2 and it looks like he got that idea or motivation while working on Pyro/Mojo2. So even for us the Monkey2 announcement came as a complete surprise and we didn’t even release Pyro yet so it messed things up a bit. But we do think it was a good decision from Mark. Monkey X is great but the community seems divided (Monkey X vs BlitzMax vs Blit3D etc.) and hopefully Monkey2 can unite it and/or attract fresh blood.

We are still expanding and improving Ignition X and Pyro for Monkey X. Pyro could use some more GUI stuff (in the works) and Pyro is also missing the RUBE importer but we will try to add that ASAP. We almost finished the roadmap we set out for Pyro but we think there is no point to continue development of Pyro for Monkey X once Monkey2 is stable/usable and includes support for the HTML5, iOS and Android targets. Instead we will probably focus on Ignition X for Monkey X and Pyro for Monkey2.

We also have a platform game and world editor in development. These two are linked because we use the game to test our editor. Progress is slow mainly because the GUI is much more work/difficult than we thought. The game is fun though and we (almost) forgot how much fun it is to work on a ‘real’ game instead of ‘just a framework’ or those countless examples and little demos we did for the frameworks.

And finally, we need to have a good look at our current business model since BRL has chosen the open source path. Some people would cheer for that decision (thinking for free) but open source doesn’t necessarily mean for free. And a commercial license doesn’t necessarily mean closed source (IgnitionMax, Ignition X and Pyro customers always had full access to the source code). We have some ideas about our new direction but we will need some more time to make a decision. More info on that to come!

Playniax is a huge fan and long time supporter of BRL products and we will continue to support BRL for this next adventure!

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