Playniax 2.0

For those who care, I am back! Not that I was really gone but I haven’t released anything in a while. Monkey 2 is dead and because of this Pyro 2 is dead. I still think it is a shame because I thought Pyro 2 was my best work so far but I had to […]

Pyro 2 first release!

Finally! It’s here and it’s FREE! What started as a port is a complete new engine. No doubt it will have some issues but I think Pyro 2 is pretty usable already. I haven’t tested it on mobile yet and I simply do not know how far Monkey 2 is with the mobile targtes but it seems to […]

Pyro 2 surprise…

Pyro 2 will be free to download and use! Yes, we changed our minds and Pyro 2 will be free! So with this change, what do I get? – Pyro 2 includes the framework, scenegraph, gui, docs and examples! But how does Playniax make money of it now? – We will make money of it ( or try anyway ) by charging for additional […]

Pyro 2

We have decided that Pyro for Monkey 2 will be called Pyro 2 This makes more sense now and it beats typing Pyro for Monkey 2 everytime. Pyro 2 will be our next generation game framework and a reincarnation of Pyro for Monkey X. Pyro 2 ( like Pyro ) will be fast, powerful, modular, lightweight, easy to understand […]

Pyro and Monkey2

So I found out that developing a product for another product that is not even finished is more challenging than I thought. I am talking about Pyro for Monkey2 and Monkey2 of course. Although Monkey2 didn’t change that much over time I am still dealing with some uncertainties. An example of this is Mouse vs Touch input. […]

Future plans

As many of you know Monkey2 is coming and we will start porting Pyro for Monkey X to Monkey2 as soon as we have a usable version of Mojo2 for Monkey2. It will not be a straight port because Monkey2 is a a bit different and we would like to take the opportunity to improve some things and take […]